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The iCON 3 Laser Coder is tailored for small character coding in product packaging and industry. It's a cost-effective laser solution, offering reliability and ease of use with no consumables, keeping ownership costs low. It's eco-friendly, efficient, and affordable.

This upgraded CO2 laser boasts sturdy metal housing and a dependable power supply, available in 10 and 30-watt versions. It prints linear and 2D barcodes, including dynamic barcoding for unique codes, ideal for serialization.

Control it via the touchscreen, Marca software, or NiceLabel label software, making it adaptable to various production setups. The complete kit includes the laser, stand, lens protection, and product detect photocell, and its compact design fits even tight spaces while delivering high-speed performance.

Sustainable. Small Character Coding Laser

Climate change and the need to reduce carbon emissions are the number one global priority today. 


Laser coders are attractive alternatives to inkjet where carbon emissions are concerned because they consume less energy and because there are no solvent emissions.

In addition to this, the use of laser technology also has a positive impact on the environment due to the fact that no waste is produced, therefore eliminating the need to recycle potentially harmful residual products.


Key Features


No Consumable

The iCON 3 is designed without the need for ink or solvents. This results in significant cost savings as there is no need to allocate a budget for consumables. This not only creates a cleaner and more hygienic working environment, but also ensures that production lines are environmentally compliant by reducing solvent-related carbon emissions and harmful waste.


Compact and Versatile

The iCON-3 is a compact and versatile device that can be easily adapted to any installation, thanks to its size and design. It is suitable for both dynamic and static applications, providing flexibility in various settings. With the new iCON-3 display, controlling the laser becomes hassle-free, even when access to it is limited.


Fast and Powerful

The iCON-3 is a high-performing device, equipped with powerful hardware and advanced software that allow it to perform like a sprinter. With its high-performance lenses and availability in both 10W and 30W versions, the laser can easily handle the high speeds of many production lines, ensuring efficient and quick operations.



The iCON-3 offers a unique advantage of producing no waste or emissions. By using this device, you can minimize your impact on the environment while maintaining clean and sustainable working conditions. This not only helps your business comply with environmental regulations, but also highlights your commitment to social corporate responsibility.


Easy to Use

The iCON-3 is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to everyone. With its new color touch screen and intuitive menu-driven software, operating this device is made easier than ever before. Additionally, the inclusion of a new Wizard tool enables effortless laser configuration through a simple, step-by-step process.



We offer a diverse selection of accessories that allow seamless integration of the iCON 3 with various types of equipment. This flexibility ensures that the laser system can be adapted to meet the unique needs of most packaging production lines.

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