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  • What is the Marking and Coding Industry and is it a need or a must?
    Marking and Coding essentially refers to printing variable information such as batch code, batch number, QR code, MRP, manufacturing date, expiry date and more, on product packaging during the manufacturing process. Marking and Coding on products have become extremely critical to the success of the entire supply chain and quality control process by helping big manufacturing firms identify, track and trace their products as well as prevent counterfeiting of goods. In addition to the advantages of having proper Marking and Coding, printing such essential product details on any manufacturing product across sectors has mostly become a regulatory mandate by the government.
  • What are the common technologies used for coding and marking?
    Continuous Inkjet Printer (CIJ) Thermal Inkjet Printer (TIJ) Thermal Transfer Over printer (TTO) Laser Printer Large Character Printer (LCP) High Resolution Printer (HR)
  • What are the industries that use Marking and Coding?
    Food and Beverage Cereal, Flour and Baked Goods Industry Coffee, Tea, Juice and Soda Beverages Industry Confectionery and Snacks Industry Convenience Products Industry Dairy Industry Egg and Egg Cartons Industry Frozen Foods Industry Meat, Fish, Seafood and Poultry Industry Other Packaged Foods Industry Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Pharmaceuticals, and other Consumer Goods Cosmetics Industry Personal Care Industry Detergents, Home Care and Cleaning Industry Pet Foods and Animal Feeds Industry Pharmaceutical and Supplements Industry Tobacco Industry Industrial Goods Aerospace Industry Automotive Industry Building and Construction Materials (Paint Cans, Gypsum Boards, etc) Industry Chemicals Industry Electronic and Electronic Components Industry Metal and Steel Industry Wires, Cables, Tubes, and Pipes Industry Plastics Industry
  • Let’s go deeper into Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ). What is CIJ and how is it used?
    Continuous Inkjet printers (CIJ) are the most common type of printers used today in the Marking and Coding industry. CIJ printing is a non-contact, versatile solution, that provides high-quality, reliable coding on fast-paced production lines. It can print on a wide variety of targets such as plastics, metals, resins, glasses, paper, cardboard, and many more. CIJ are used in a wide range of industries such as food, medicine, cosmetics, electronics, semiconductor, automotive, and metals. Bestcode based in Fort Worth Texas, USA, is a provider of CIJ printers and has been used by numerous manufacturing facilities across the globe. Their CIJ printers, designed and manufactured in the USA, are offered in a complete range of series to cater to end users' needs. In addition to that, the Bestcode ink manufactured and bottled in the USA, has been formulated through extensive research to suit a wide variety of materials and production processes.
  • Inspection System
    To prevent printing mistakes and non-printed sections, there has been an increase in the installation of inspection systems using image sensors and the implementation of similar countermeasures.

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