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F-9000 Duo Series

Ideal for demanding metal marking.


F-9000 DUO Series lasers are designed for high-speed online integration and for use in standalone workstations.

They are ideal for demanding metal marking applications but are also effective with other materials such as plastics and composite materials.

F-9000 DUO Series lasers are long-life, low-maintenance lasers with very low cost of ownership.

The F DUO pulsed fiber laser product range has been extended to include MOPA lasers.

Speed and Power

The F DUO lasers boast exceptional speed and formidable power, ensuring efficient operation.


It's ideal for precision marking on both plastic and metal surfaces: Whether you're marking intricate designs or industrial components, our solution delivers impeccable results on a variety of materials.


Reliability and Efficiency

The F DUO offers impressive longevity, with over 100,000 hours of service life, ensuring your investment pays off over the long term.

Experience consistent and trouble-free operation with our solution, guaranteeing maximum efficiency in your production processes.

Print Capabilities

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