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D-5000 Duo Series

Ideal for Plastic and Delicate Substrates.


D-5000 DUO Series lasers are designed for industrial laser marking applications. Alternatively, D DUO lasers can be installed in workstations for standalone applications.

They are fast and powerful lasers designed for marking delicate substrates and for coating ablation. High contrast marks can be achieved with no thermal damage to the substrate.


Dual processor architecture for fast cycle times even with variable data and is compatible with the iLaserBox range of workstations.

Fast and Powerful

D Duo cutting-edge lasers excel in speed and power, making them the ideal choice for marking a diverse array of plastics and metals swiftly and efficiently.

Tailor your marking requirements with a range of power settings, ensuring you have the perfect solution for every task.

Whether you're coding electronic components, medical instruments, or intricate jewelry, our solution comes highly recommended for its precision and reliability.


Reliability and Efficiency

The D Duo series can be effortlessly installed and integrated into any production line, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

You can choose from a range of power configurations to cater to the specific requirements of your industry, all at an affordable price point.

Print Capabilities

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