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SPA2 D Green UV

Smart. Reliable. Affordable.


SPA2 D diode pumped state lasers are widely
used in packaged goods applications including bottles,
tubs, and liquid dispensers. They are typically used to
code plastic substrates (excluding PET and PVC).


The UV and Green wavelength options enable challenging
substrates to be coded and for marking plastics with
minimal thermal impacts.


It's ideal for marking delicate substrates and for laser
coating ablation.


The DUO dual processor technology enables high-speed
and high-quality printing with variable data.

The First Modular Coding and Marking Laser

The Macsa SPA operates on a modular system that readily adapts to the needs of every production line or marking type. It's highly versatile, making it a great fit for various applications. A single unit can meet the requirements of many marking needs.

Its modular design makes it easy to perform tasks such as installing lenses, changing heads, and printing on curved or uneven surfaces via its 3D printing options.


Reverse Airflow System

The Macsa SPA is designed to meet the IP54 regulation, ensuring its tightness and protection. For even more reliable operation in dusty and humid environments, the SPA CIP version with IP65 is available.


To maintain cleanliness, the SPA utilizes the RAF (Reverse Air Flow) circuit, which effectively cools the system and prevents dust and impurities from affecting the marking.


Additionally, the lenses receive a constant airflow to keep them free of any distortions caused by dust or impurities.

Seamless Connectivity

The SPA laser platform can work individually, but it can also work in team.


SPA lasers support Optima software from Macsa. It is suitable with desktop printers, print & and label applicators, readers and even inkjets. All this ensures full real-time control of the production of your company through our application or your ERP server.



Compatibility between SPA and NiceLabel management software is complete. Design, create and print labels directly with SPA lasers without using anything else. You can use the SPA laser as a normal printer.

iLabel System

Just press a button, that’s all. The SPA system will print the label and apply it wherever you want. The wide range of possibilities of iLABEL systems guarantees the use of all kinds of labels for any
type of application.

Remote Control

A Macsa’s technician will be able to set up the device and help in the creation of messages remotely.




Macsa has used the SPA software environment to make it easy to install, program, and operate SPA lasers. There’s a wizard to support installation. There are online help videos to provide advice in situ.

Multimedia Guide for Installation and Configuration

SPA lasers are even easier to install and configure thanks to the technical guides, videos, and tips that can be accessed on-site via a touch screen.


New Marca® Software

SPA lasers may be controlled using Marca® software, which has been redesigned to be even more intuitive and easy to use. It provides laser operators with a full suite of features for designing the messages and driving the laser.

All Options at Your Fingertips

JSPA lasers may be controlled by a best-of-class 10-inch handheld touch screen controller. It comes complete with a new version of Marca software which is even easier to use and more powerful than previous releases. SPA lasers may alternatively be controlled directly from a PC via an ethernet link.

Print Capabilities

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