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Compact. Economical. All in One.


NANO DPSS is a cost-effecting, all in one laser system, designed for ease of integration with any production line.

Its short pulse width is ideal for delivering coating ablation and marking delicate substrates.

It's powered by dual processor architecture that allows faster cycle times.

The NANO DPSS Laser system is based on a Nd:YV04 active medium and can be used alongside the Macsa ID range of iLaserbox 450 workstation

Flexible Coding Solution

The NANO series delivers a high-quality beam that's used for precision marking on a wide range of metallic and plastic materials.


Compact. Ready for Integration.

The NANO DPSS has on board digital I/O and TCP/IP communication protocols, combined with its compact design, you could seamlessly integrates it into any production line to deliver top-notch performance.

Print Capabilities

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